Red Bool Bedroom Jam



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9 Oct 2012 date joined


Joseph Abboud Rhythm Guitars, Lead Vocals

Si-Bemol Younes Lead Guitars, Back Vocals

Joe Choufany Bass, Back Vocals

Joey Eid Drums


It was a moonless night in 2010 where yellow rhinoceros roamed the planet disguised as purple eyed elephants dancing dirty towards the moon cake...oh wait! Didn’t I say that it was a moonless night?! BRIEF!! There are tons of unrevealed mysteries in the universe and I have no frickin’ idea how in hell’s holly name Mindstorm’s boys clicked! You have Joseph Abboud as front-man and on rhythm guitar, a talented creative ass who’s probably from planet weirdo! Si-bemol Younes on lead guitars, the eccentric human being who adds more than half notes, but also his philosophical thoughts to the band. Reaching Joe Choufany, the sexy bass player! You don't believe it?! FINE! Just wait and see him play! Last but not least Joey Eid, the wise beast behind the drums! 'nuff said! “Unleashing The Banned Fun Hell’s Side is the mission! Breaking your mind’s limits and expectations is how they roll! Behold MINDSTORM!”


Jet, The Offspring, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, My Chemical Romance

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