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Wara2a B-100

Wara2a B-100 , Ella Rasoul Allah الا رسول الله


Wara2a B-100

Wara2a B-100 , Ella Rasoul Allah الا رسول الله

25 Oct 2012 date joined


Al-Banna Flow Vocal

Omar Khorshed Vocal

Turbo Vocal

Mk ElRapangy Vocal


El-Salamo ALaikom We just don't know what to say but actually we're Ordinary youth from the new GeneratioN But the only Difference that we wanted to express our feelin's somehow Anyway we found that the only way to achive this is RAP = ( [R]espect [A]nd [P]eace ) and thats Absolutely what we Aimed for .. every one of us had alotta experience in this field so we deicided to go on together and we created our BAND Wara2a B-100 in 10-10-2011 (( remember this date xD )) Al-Banna Flow : rappin' since 2003 as solo a rapper and he prefered to work Alone until He Met Moustafa Mk elrapangy , Khorshed , Turbo Omar Khorshed : rappin' since 2006 (( with Mk )) he started with his lil' Brother And he's the one who Introduced the idea of Wara2a B-100 Turbo : Rappin' since 2006 and he joined the band after he left his old band, and he's the second youngest Member of Wara2a B-100 Mk Elrapangy (( Moustafa Khorshed )) : Rappin since 2006 and he's the young Brother of Khorshed he was writing since he was 12 years Old so he was developed from talking about Normal things to this high level of rappin and he's the youngest Member in Wara2a B-100


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